About Us

About Us

Graham Withers Charity Limited is a Not-For-Profit Charity Organisation that strives for social, educational and economical equality to break the cycle of disadvantage.

Graham Withers Charity Limited provides financial support to financially disadvantaged Victorian families with children affected by Dyslexia. The funding contributed to these families allows children to have equal opportunity education and access to the tools they require to successfully learn.

By giving disadvantaged children affected by Dyslexia the financial support they need to achieve their full potential, it allows them to receive the tools and assistance they require to get the most out of their education, which is beneficial to the long-term economic, social and cognitive development of each child.

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Your Donation will help financially disadvantaged families with children affected by Dyslexia all across Victoria, Australia.

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The Graham Withers Charity Limited consists of three directors Learn more about our team

Our Story

The Graham Withers Charity Limited came about because Graham experienced firsthand working with people who faced difficulty learning. Graham himself struggled with his learning and concentration as a child and was often in trouble with his teachers. Later in life he realised this may have been due to a lack of awareness and understanding of learning disorders, which gave Graham the passion and drive to do more for the community. This passion gave birth to the Graham Withers Charity Limited.


Although Graham was never diagnosed with Dyslexia, he didn’t let the barriers to learning affect his motivation to succeed. Graham went on to become a three times Australian National Drag Racing Champion during the 60’s and 70’s. Graham developed one of the first SFI Spec. Harmonic Dampers and now at 78 years of age, with an on-going successful business spanning 30+ years, Graham would like to give back to the Australian community who have loved and supported him throughout his life. As there has been a rise in the number of children within our Australian communities living with learning disabilities, our three directors (Graham, Genevieve and Pauline) have come together to identify through community agencies families who are financially disadvantaged with children affected by Dyslexia and learning disabilities, that require financial support.

Graham Withers Charity is registered with ACNC

Graham Withers Charity is registered with ASIC.