Graham Withers Charity Limited provides funding towards any Dyslexic program or treatment for a child  that is affected by Dyslexia or other specific learning difficulties. 

Below are those who have benefited from our funding.

Kolbe College

Through the generosity of the Graham Withers Charity, 3 of our students this year were able to have their educational needs assessed at SPELD Victoria. These assessments will assist staff in providing specific educational programmes for these students. The College would like to thank the Graham Withers Charity for supporting our students with their education.” – Kolbe Catholic College

Alison Lawson Centre Victoria

Graham Withers Charity Limited provides funding to clients at the Alison Lawson Centre Victoria who are disadvantaged and require financial support in order to receive treatment.

In 2018 we had the opportunity to provide funding towards the cost of treatment for two disadvantaged primary school students who struggled with Dyslexia. These students have shown major improvements in their reading, writing, concentration and confidence.